Remote Learning

Parents and Students,

As of now, we know that we will continue with remote learning tomorrow (Tuesday, February 16).  No determination has been made concerning the rest of the week.  However, we are transitioning to the schedule below for the days we are remote this week:


The following are our expectations during these times.

1. Every student is expected to log into a zoom at the scheduled time for each class period, every day we are on this schedule.

2. Every teacher will send out a zoom time and link that will be used every day by that teacher, as long as we are on this schedule.  If you do not receive a link from one or more of your teachers, contact the teacher first then your grade level principal, if needed.

3. These are NOT SNOW DAYS, they are Remote Learning Days.

4. Everyone, students and staff, are expected to work remotely.

5. Please, keep up with your classwork!!

6. If you are assigned an Edgenuity Class (You would know if you are), use this opportunity to catch up or even finish your coursework to regain credit.

7. If you have Night School, keep on working.  

8. Please be safe. If you have class issues, contact your teachers.  If you have other issues, contact your Advisory Teacher. 

Good Luck!!!